2019–Our Year in Photos

We take an embarrassing number of photos every year. Here’s a look at some of our favorites and the adventures that went with them this year.

What to do on a Perfect Long Weekend in Saratoga Springs

When we lived in Manhattan, friends would talk about how cute Saratoga Springs was. But with little time or money to get away from the grind, the city remained one of those places that we hoped to get to “one day.” And then it finally happened, and we were blown away.

Dealing with Travel Stress? 10 Tips to Help Ease Your Mind

Travel is a way of life for us, but sometimes it can also be stressful. Travel stress is a very real phenomenon. Here are some common travel stresses, and ways to combat those stressors.

Were Laura and Lance. We met in New York City, moved to Philadelphia, and ultimately got married on a beach in the Bahamas.

We seek out interesting, unique, and fun destinations for authentic adventures. Because our time is limited, we focus on convenience and packing in as much as possible on our trips (just take a look at ouritineraries). Do we miss a few things? Sure. But we see a lot more than we ever dreamed we could. And its always good to leave something for the next trip!


Fun Things to Do on a Weekend in Dallas: BBQ, Football, and Much More

Dallas is about BBQ and cowboysboth the football kind and the calf-roping kindbut its so much more than that, too.

33 Ideas for Your Next Trip to Nashville

Nashville seems to have it all. There is live music basically any hour of the day, fun places to hang out and relax, and history stretching back to the early days of America. And dont forget the food.

22 Great Ways to Spend a Weekend in Fredericksburg, Texas

Despite its proximity to the big cities of Austin and San Antonio, Fredericksburg, is popular because it has a small town feel while having so many things to see and do. From wine tasting to taking in the local history, youll never be bored in Fredericksburg.


Experience the Joy of the Brussels Christmas Market

The Christmas markets in Brussels attract 2.5 million visitors each year. They start at Grand Place and meander for over a mile, the whole area merging into one giant celebration.

A Visit to the Winter Wonderland of Colmar at Christmas

Christmas in Colmar is a dream. When you take a city that already looks like a gingerbread town and then deck it with wreaths, ornaments, and snow-covered trees, its hard to think of anything that feels more appropriate for the holiday season.

Chasing the Northern Lights in Tromso, Norway (and Key Tips!)

The northern lights is a natural phenomena, but there is no way to do them justice and explain how beautiful they are. Youve seen the photos online, but what is it really like in person? Heres our experience chasing the aurora borealis in Norway.


15 Ways to Have Fun in Charming Annapolis, Maryland

The beautiful city of Annapolis is often overlooked in favor of its larger neighbors like Baltimore or Washington, DC. But Annapolis is a waterfront retreat, a college town, and a picture-perfect capital city full of fun things to do.

The Ideal Itinerary for 3 Days in New Orleans

The sweet sounds of a jazz trombone, the first crunchy bite of a shrimp poboy, the sight of a wrought-iron balcony decked out with Mardi Gras beads. All this and more is what makes New Orleans, Louisiana, like nowhere else.

28 Fun Ways to Enjoy a Weekend in Amsterdam

Take a cruise. Take a stroll. Take a shot. Take a photo. There are so many fun things to do in Amsterdam.


South of France

This 10-day South of France itinerary took us through small towns and larger cities, to Roman ruins, lush vineyards, seaside retreats, and to all the local Provence markets we could possibly want.

One Week in Norway

Our goal was to pack in everything possible into our one week in Norway itinerary without feeling extremely rushed. Heres a look at how we spent our time.

Ireland and Northern Ireland

Heres our Northern Ireland and Ireland road trip itinerary to help you plan your travels.

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