Get the confidence you want for your life in English.

Get the confidence you want for your life in English.





English confidence and fluency are 100% possible for you, even if you feel shy, frustrated, and stuck.

We help non-native English speakers with strategies, skills, and resources to live life confidently in English and:

  • Have conversations with anyone
  • Interview in English & get the job you want
  • Share your opinions or ideas in a business meeting
  • Make friends easily with people where you live
  • Do little things, like go to the grocery store, without stress
  • Feel comfortable with any situationin English


I noticed changes in my pronunciation and my fluency. This is just the beginning of getting my confidence back!
Anne-Laure, France

UX Designer

I feel that it is specialized for shy people, or maybe people that feel they are stuck. Annemarie has the tools to improve it.

Monica, Colombia

Marketing Strategist

Im glad that I didFluency Schoollastyear, it helped me overcome the fear of speaking in English & Im much more confident!

Emilia, Brazil

Postdoctoral Researcher


I know that when you’re confident in English, you can do anything you want. And the good news is, it’s 100% possible for you. I know because this is what I do every day.



Learn How to Say What You Want in English

Download this step-by-step (free) training to get unstuck and be confident in your English.


Get the Newest Confident English Lessons

Top 5 Confident English Lessons of 2019

Smart words to use at work, how to respond to rude comments, advanced conversation skills on hot topics, speak faster and sound more natural these are the top 5 Confident English lessons from 2019!

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Advanced English Vocabulary for Driving

Recently one of my students asked for a lesson on English vocabulary for driving, for example: How to offer to pick up or drive someone. How to ask Uber/Lift driver to drop you off in particular place. When Uber driver has lost, which expressions are used to provide...

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About SCE

Speak Confident English is an online English fluency training company created to inspire, educate, and coach international women on how to build the courage and confidence they need to be successful in Englishfor work and daily life.

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